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Shahzad Mohammadi And Virat Kohli Comparison

Shahzad Mohammadi Vs Virat Kohli

In Cricket most of the time we come across players of their own playing techniques. It has been quite rare when we see two different players using same techniques. As usual today we are going to discuss two different players with different techniques but they both are ASIAN players. Why I have emphasis on word ASIAN players? Because ASIAN players are very much similar with their merits and demerits. Like when we talk about an ASIAN AFGHAN player named SHAHZAD MOHAMMADI and the other ASIAN INDIAN player named VIRAT KOHLI, we come across one main fact that they both are not efficient in playing PULL shots, though their playing technique is way different from each other. On the other hand SHAHZAD MOHAMMADI AND VIRAT KOHLI comparison cannot be done because both are hard hitters with different mind sets. Let’s take a look on their successful techniques comprehensively.

Shahzad Mohammadi _ A New Sensation Of The Cricketing World

SHAHZAD MOHAMMADI is a right hand wicketkeeper batsman. He is known as a HARD BIG HITTER of a ball. SHAHZAD opens for his team and try to cover lots of runs through big shots. He is quite good when he swings his bat because he always trying to pressurize the bowler earlier with his big shots. Recently SHAHZAD made four half centuries in a single tournament, which leads him to break VIRAT KOHLI`S record of scoring 3 fifties in a single tournament. SHAHAZAD has also become the first batsman to score two half centuries on same day when he scored 80 runs against Oman playing  semifinal and in the afternoon he scored another half century in the final. SHAHZAD has the most number of man of the match awards in t20 internationals in AFGHANISTAN team. He also holds the most 50`s scoring record in t20 international amongst his team squad.  SHAHZAD is a player who can give tough time to the bowlers. Moreover when he comes behind the stumps, he tries to read the batsmen mind and keep on engaging with skipper for field placement. That’s something quite interesting about him. His performance speaks for himself. he is not only a good choice for t20 internationals but for ODI`s as well.

Virat Kohli _ A Backbone Of Indian Cricket

We have seen earlier a LITTLE MASTER of late 90`s named SACHIN TENDULKAR, and now we see a LITTLE MASTER of 20th century named VIRAT KOHLI. VIRAT KOHLI is known as the MASTER OF RUN CHASE. He got this tag due to the phenomenal performances he setup for the world of cricket. VIRAT KOHLI can play any ball anywhere he wants to play. He puts his self to a lot of situations where only a miracle can win INDIA a game, but VIRAT KOHLI has done it so many times that he has become habitual of doing miracle for INDIA. There are unlimited good thing about VIRAT KOHLI but the best of all is that he leads his team from the front and always plays a responsible innings. He knows if he gets out, team gets out. A complete team player he is. VIRAT KOHLI is the best and his stats justifying this truth.

Shahzad Mohammadi And Virat Kohli Comparison

We have discussed briefly about VIRAT KOHLI AND SHAHZAD MOHAMMADI. Both these players have different techniques. SHAHZAD is an amazing sensation to the modern era of cricketing world. SHAHZAD is all set break the records of current legends in cricket. On the other hand VIRAT KOHLI is a player which not only leads his team but also creates a win win situation for INDIA. If we look at the recent stats, we can do SHAHZAD MOHAMMADI AND VIRAT KOHLI COMPARISON. Because of the fact that VIRAT KOHLI has proven himself in these six, seven years with his brilliance. On the other hand SHAHZAD is immensely showing his class and setting new records .Here we briefly discussed some basic attributes of these two players. Surely these words cannot describe the brilliance of VIRAT KOHLI and the sensational stuff of SHAHZAD MOHAMMADI, but at least it creates a little SHAHZAD MOHAMMADI AND VIRAT KOHLI COMPARISON amongst the cricket loving spectators.